I was solo touring the country for Kawasaki New Zealand and Bike Rider Magazine as a travel journalist. My tasks included:

  • Photography
  • Writing Daily Blogs and Updating them online after riding each day
  • Riding a 2008 Kawasaki Concours 14 Hypertourer around NZ for 8,000kms
  • Riding a 2008 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R for 800 odd kms
  • Riding a feature article at the end of the trip for Biker Rider Magazine in NZ and Overdrive in India

I did almost 9000kms in less than 20 days of riding in New Zealand on the two motorcycles without any mishap. My articles were published in the two magazines post trip.


My role in the trip as a Photographer

Camera Used: Canon 400D
Lenses Used: Canon 10-22mm, Canon 100mm USM Macro, Tamron 70-300mm (a $200 lens with very slow motor and bad optics). I was carrying a Velbon tripod, a Manfrotto monopod and a Joby Gorillapod for SLRs.

Below is a set of pictures taken on the NZ roadtrip, it is a Flash application. Click on it anywhere and then use keyboard arrow keys (left and right) to navigate between different images.

I got the folliowing comment on the NZ roadtrip blog from a group traveling around NZ at the same time I was doing it:
It seems we were a day behind you traveling the same roads, your photos are a credit to your skill with the camera and your individual aptitude in ’seeing’ the good frame. Our team of 17 people with 17 cameras upon our 14 bikes and 1 support van, could not amongst us get a selection of scenic shots as good as yours. Next time you are ‘downunder’ look us up - we’d love to host you or just simply join you on a portion of your journey if you’d like the company.

Management in the New Zealand Roadtrip

For 22 days in New Zealand I was getting up early, packing stuff into a tank bag, a backpack and the two panniers that the Concours comes standard. After riding 300kms/day on an average I used to write a blog for the day and upload it with supplementing pictures online. Being a medium level tech geek I had been carrying some electronics with me through the trip. This along with bread/jam/draggin jeans made my day, everyday!

Here is a shot of the stuff with the bike just before loading it up:

My role in the trip as a Designer

I was responsible for designing the entire trip website.

View theGreatNewZealandRoadtrip.com website concieved, designed and developed by me. All the photos on the website are also by me.


My writings for the NZ roadtrip

I had three responsibilities on the NZ roadtrip in the writing domain:

Sponsors & Partners of The Great New Zealand Roadtrip (2008)

  • Castrol Power1 India
  • Kawasaki New Zealand
  • Bike Rider Magazine New Zealand
  • Draggin Jeans
  • Overdrive Magazine India
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