The Great Ireland Roadtrip came about when Tourism Ireland agreed to send me to Ireland as a travel photojournalist. Of course my choice of mode of transport was a motorcycle. Motorcycle Rental Ireland, a company based in Naas, near Dublin also came on board and they gave me a couple of fantastic motorcycles and support for my Ireland roadtrip.

What was the aim of the roadtrip/project?

  • Inspiring Indians and Indian motorcyclists to discover the world on two wheels.
  • Showcasing motorcycling in a developed country to the growing motorcycle market in India.
  • Showcasing Ireland's natural beauty via photos and blogs.
  • Promoting the general notion of discovering your world, travel and photography.
  • Producing photographs to be used by Tourism Ireland and Motorcycle Rental Ireland for their own promotions.

My role in the trip as a Photographer

I was using a Canon 500D and a Canon 5D Mark II with Canon 70-200mm, 100-400mm IS, 24-105 IS L, 100mm Macro, 10-22mm lenses. Below is a set of pictures taken on the Ireland roadtrip, it is a Flash application. Click on it anywhere and then use keyboard arrow keys (left and right) to navigate between different images.

My role in the trip as a Writer

I was responsible for writing daily blogs and projecting Ireland as a top destination to tour around. I wrote a 1200 words article for Bike India Magazine which was published in Aug 2007.

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