This was my second pan India roadtrip on a superbike. The initial idea was concieved by me but it was further nurtured and developed by Castrol India to make it more far reaching and commercially viable. The roadtrip was used to connect a series of events across India in 10 major cities. These events would be a mixture of entertaintment and motorbike skill testing. Each city event would produce a city finalist who would compete in the mega final after the whole roadtrip was over. The prize was a brand new Yamaha R1 superbike, the costliest prize in Indian motorcycling history.

My role in the trip as a Photographer

I was the lead photographer in the roadtrip. Camera Used: Canon 450D. Lenses Used: Canon 10-22mm, Canon 100mm USM Macro, Canon 70-200mm

Below is a set of pictures taken on the Passion Hunt roadtrip by me, it is a Flash application. Click on it anywhere and then use keyboard arrow keys (left and right) to navigate between different images.

My Role in the whole event and roadtrip

  • I selected three team members who would be a part of the entire roadtrip. They would also act as judges in the city events along with me.
  • Managaing the resources allocated by Castrol to ensure the roadtrip and th events happen as per expectations and timelines.
  • Selecting photos and sending it out to thried party media agencies along with brief writeups and updates.
  • Blogging everyday as the trip progressed.

My role in the trip as a Designer

I was responsible for designing the entire event website. I also conceptualized and saw through the development of an interactive flash motorcycle online assembly game.

I also got a trophy at the end of the event. You can view it here.

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