I was born on the 7th of September 1980 in New Delhi, India. I was raised up in the same city doing schooling in Science and Mathematics. Did my graduation in Computer Science. Started working in 2001 in computer graphics with Flash and Photoshop. In 2005 I gave up a job in Maya MEL Scripting in Mumbai after I realized this 9-5 routine is just too monotonous and will only give me money, but no satisfaction or sense of achievement.

After I gave up my prestigious job, I came back to Delhi and started concentrating on xBhp.com, my baby which I founded in 2002. Parallely I was working on graphic design projects (mostly websites) as a freelancer for different clients.

While I was working on xBhp, I learnt many new things in computers, webmastering and also learnt the art of management and pitching to big corporates for sponsorships with innovative ideas.

In 2005, Bike India Magazine was launched. I was graciously offered a permanent position in its team with a letter of appointment, but for reasons still unknown to me, I refused! Fast forward to 2012, I perhaps know why...

In 2006, I got my first big break when I got 5+ corporate sponsors for my first big project - The Great Indian Roadtrip. It was a very successful project which gave way to other projects like The Great Australian Roadtrip, New Zealand Roadtrip, Castrol Power1 Passion Hunt and the Ireland Roadtrip. Since then I have also covered Italy, Malaysia, US and more.

In 2006 I started photography with my first SLR, the Canon 300D, which I got from the money earned off by freelancing for Bike India Magazine. In 2011 I was inducted as one of the 12 photographers on Canon's Pro Panel in India.

Along the way I also picked up the art of conversing with the media. I started writing and photographing for various magazines as part of my roadtrip projects.

In 2010, I started my own motorcycling print magazine by the name of xBhp. Today I take pride in saying that it is the most 'passionate' and authentic magazine for motorcycling and touring, not only in India, but perhaps whole of Asia Pacific. The quality and ethos of the magazine have to be seen to be believed. All this has been possible because of the wonderful team that I have, and most importantly the incrediblly talented and versatile xBhp members all across India.

One of the reasons for my 'success' is by focus and passion for what I do. The ony two things which I have ever wanted to do are - ride and click motorcycles. Everything else was always secondary.

During all of the above, I picked up photography as a very serious and indispensable hobby. Since 2006 I have clicked thousands of photographs in and outisde of India, making countless articles for xBhp.com and contributing photos to various magazines as part of my roadtrip projects. In July 2009 I had my first solo photo exhibition in New Delhi which proved to be quiet successful, both in commercial and media publicity terms. After that I had a solo exhibition in Melbourne. From 20th Janiary 2012 I will be having my third solo exhibition in New Delhi called The MotoGrapher Chronicles.

Currently I am shifting to a new website at www.motoGrapher.com, which is still under development. Most of the material on this website is outdated.

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