In 2006 several scooter models were showcased by Kinetic Engineering in India. These models were supposed to be launched in stages in India. This is a preview of those scooters. The article was published in Bike India Magazine and


If it were Europe and the Seven Italjets chicks were newborns, it would have definitely created an amplified frenzy amongst the younger generation and amongst the old hurriedly putting their wallets out of sight. But then this India, where curves and angles which adorn these Italjets are like unknown languages of distant future, destined and guaranteed to create a furore of epic proportions in this land of many cultures.

Leaving analogies to conjure up their own excitement, the Italjets have arrived, and none other than the pioneer amongst the auto players – Kinetic brings them to our footsteps.

Without much ado lets skip to the actual hotties themselves. Each scooter is so different that we will sure have creative problems in actuating them through words. But hey…

The EURO : It would look like an owl glaring at your face from up front, the two pilot lamps are seemingly at a great vertical distance from the actual lampsets embedded in the smooth curve on the front sidepanels. The front indicators are nestled on the returning angle towards the ground. The clear lamps give it a slick look. Going towards the rear, we spot one of the nicest looking pillion footrests neatly folded and appearing as a part of the external body panels. The rear side panels of Euro are inclined giving it a rather distinctive look. The rear lighting assembly is also unique – the indicators as a vertically stacked arrangement and the stop lights forming what appears to be am exclamation mark! The scooter also sports a front disc brake.

The name, Euro, logically would have to go through rechristening to suit its reincarnation in the Indian sub – continent. That’s for Kinetic to decide though!

The Formula125 : The name has a rather good sound to it. When you look at it the first you know it looks unique, like a young kid ready to play. Its also laden with fins all over, the front has two sets, the rear side one each. Even the sides of the footboard have fins what appear to be air ducts. The single most striking feature to the Indian masses might be the dual vertically stacked exhausts. Besides that the front suspension assembly is complicated enough to dizzy the layman.

Velocifero : This 50CC scooterette has the styling to match its radical name. First look and you it’ll be a winner amongst the help college going mega mass of this country. The twin headlamps have twin tailights to match. The single seater accentuates the envious feeling of the opposite sex wanting to sit behind you while you ride that cute little thing ( pun not intended !, this is a family magazine ahem ).

Jupiter250 : This is a maxi – scooter in every sense, the dimensions and the power, which will be close to 20 Bhp at launch in India. Sit on the rider’s seat and you’ll know that this is no run-of-the mill scooter you are going to maneuver. It has amazing road presence and wouldn’t look out of place in high socialite party parkings either. The step up seats magnifies the special feeling the pillion has while seated on it The field of view increases as a result of the height and the comfort level automatically rises for the pillion when he knows that he can see everything ahead of him. As a tourer it will serve to be a great companion, nothing less than that of a cruiser. The name also aptly corresponds to the stature.

Dragster : The name itself lends a hint what this machine was built to be. Favorites of many a motor-sporting personalities all over the world, it is a must to have if you love being adventurous with the capabilities of your vehicle and love to challenge the physics on the roads. One cant quite comprehend what comes out from where and join into what in this scooter, if I may call it that. It quite looks like a serpent, a slick reptile capable of doing unbelievable tricks and at the same time being quick owning to its very peppy 2 stroke engine. The chromed handle bar and meter assembly also ads to the looks which are to die for!

Blade : The first Italjet to be launched, was known as the Millennium. Can be seen as a enlarged version of Nova but ore aesthetically pleasing and with more power. It also has a slight step up seat, toned down from the Millennium.

Torpedo : It has looks reminiscent of the Luna, partly due to its 17” inch wheels. They also increase the handling and give confidence in the corners when compared to its other cousins. The Indianish looks however might not appeal to one and all.

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