One of my strengths is that I do not have a particular category which I stick to. My diverse subjects are perhaps due to fact that I travel a lot. Landscapes and Automobiles are my most photographed subjects but now I am also moving closer to people photography. Below are different categories with selected photos. They will give you an idea of how versatile I am.


I have done long term projects relating to photography. They primarily are coverage of roadtrips involving me to capture as many moments as possible, post processing, blogging and sending them to media while being on the ride.








Photography is the universal medium for me to inform and entertain others. Be it a corporate proposal, a travelogue or even FaceBook. My preferred medium is a Photo. A photo can save a lot of words, time and most importantly helps prevent miscommunication in today's fast paced lifestyle where lesser people have the time to read characters. Being a Photographer also aids me a lot on Graphic Design, I can churn out high quality stock images if the situation demands.

Here is a small snippet I wrote in 2006 on "Why God Gave Us Photography?"

To remind us that the woman we rape is the woman that gave us birth.
See her photograph after you commit the sin and repent.

To remind us the very people we kill are Adam’s sons and our brothers.
See their photograph and repent.

To remind us that the very religion we uphold so violently prohibits violence.
See photographs of the war and repent.

To remind us that the very word ‘country’ is an illusion.
See the photograph of the earth and repent.

To remind us that the earth there was once is no more.
To make our great grand children look at the photographs and curse us.

Because this picture perfect earth will not be there.
Capture it O human while it persists.

I give you the Camera.

I am always a lookout for something different - angle, colors, moments. I often like to frame my shot in a non conventional way. Having an active Graphic Design background also benefits me taking photos and post processing them. I actively use softwares for improving colors, contrast but do not alter any elements in the image. I also use the HDRI (High Dynamic Range Imaging) method to get more lively and vivid photographs. I like my photos to be crisp and polished unless they are documentary. I also do not shoot in RAW unless required by the client. This helps me save time when I am on a travel assignment.
Bodies: Canon 450D and Canon 500D. I have used a Canon 5D Mark 2 throughout my Ireland roadtrip in 2009.
Lenses: All Canon: 70-200 mm L f4, 10-22 mm, 100mm 2.8 Macro, 50 mm 1.8, Raynox supermacro attachment
Other Accessories: Lowepro Computrekker backpack, Manfrotto monopod, Velbon Tripod, IR remote, wire remote, GorillaPod
Computers: I process all Images on a HP Dv6700 laptop with MacBook and a ASUS NetBook supplementing my work. I also have a Power Desktop at home for high end photo or video work.



From a necessity to a hobby to a profession.
In less than three years I have taken my photography skills to a level where it gets noticed and inspires others.
Taken thousands of photos of landscapes and automobiles for India's largest motorcycling portal at
Lead photographer in an all India roadtrip on motorcycles in 2006 sponsored by Castrol India.
Edited and compiled a hardcover coffee table book published in 2007 in India.
Lead photographer in an all Australian roadtrip on motorcycles in 2007 sponsored by Castrol India and Hyosung Australia.
Solo photographer in an all New Zealand roadtrip on a motorcycle in 2008 for Kawasaki New Zealand.
Lead Photographer in an all India roadtrip commissioned by Castrol India in 2009.
Tourism Ireland sent me as a photojournalist to cover touring in Ireland in 2009.
Had the first solo exhibition in July 2009 in New Delhi. Response from media and visitors was beyond expectations.


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