Founded and nurtured India's most popular motorcycling community and portal at since 2003.
Sucessfully acquired and maintained sponsorship from corporates like Castrol for xBhp portal.
Concieved, managed and executed multiple long term national roadtrips for corporates like Nokia & Castrol.


In 2003 I started a single page website by the name xBhp. This was a website which was based on my first motorcycle. Today, 6 years down the line, it is India's most popular motorcycling community and portal with a huge traffic. It surpasses other commercial two wheeler and automotive portals in popularity and traffic. This was made possible due to my constant endeavor to add new features and material to the website. Today thousands of like minded motorcycle enthusiasts interact or are passive readers of the portal. Adding to this, I have managed to associate xBhp events to many corporates.

I also managed to get sponsors to a couple of the biggest roadtrips ever to happen in India - The Great Indian Roadtrip (2006) and the Castrol Power1 Passion Hunt (2009).

In 2009,, a media house funded website on Entrepreneurs in India initiated The Most Popular Entrepreneur Contest 2009. I was in the top 10 partcipants by the time voting ended. You can read my profile on here.

I was also profiled by a popular TV channel in March 2006 (CNN IBN). Here is the video which was aired:

A brief script of the video is availaible on the CNN website here.


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